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  • About Us

    Since 2006, we have been supplying hundreds of thousands of logo branded and fully customised (bespoke) flash drives to schools, universities, promotion companies and businesses large and small. What truly defines us is our way of conducting business and our ability to bring you the most trust worthy data storage flash drive at the most reasonable price and great service being provided to you.

    Our service includes designing, embossing, engraving, logo printing and more. We also provide other service such as “Auto-Run” installation, flash drive labeling, password setup and data preloading.

    Aside from customising and branding, we also offer personalised packaging with each different types of packaging delivering a very distinctive result from each other.

    We ensure that client’s needs are in order and fulfill. As such, we always put ourselves in the role of clients before engaging with you to better understand your needs and requirements.